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What is DevOps?

The word DevOps is coined from Developer (Dev) and Operations (Ops). DevOps is both Culture and Technology. On the cultural side, DevOps tries to unify the developer and the operations teams to make them see the big picture that the success of a project is the success of the organization and hence the success of the teams. With DevOps everyone's success and contribution are important. DevOps aims to remove the silos that exist between the Developer and Operations. When DevOps culture is imbibed organizations see improvement and overall success with software development projects.

On the Technology side, DevOps is all about automation. DevOps imbibes principles such as continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). With CI/CD, the software development process is automated right from when the code is pushed to GitHub to when it is finally available to the customers. The practice of CI/CD makes it possible for organizations to deploy code several times a day. To do this, several software/services are needed. Software such as GitHub, Jenkins, Spinnaker, Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, Cloud such as Amazon Web Services, etc. You can see The periodic table of DevOps tools to have an understanding of the various tools that are available to DevOps teams.

Why Study DevOps?

DevOps is one of the buzzwords at the moment. The job prospects for DevOps are projected to continue to rise into the near future. As more people migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, there is a need for automation of the cloud infrastructure. The beauty of the cloud is that from the customer's perspective, it is all software (virtual resources). As such, infrastructure can be programmed, a phrase commonly known as infrastructure-as-code. This put automation at the focus of cloud operations management. By learning to program and put automation in place, human errors are reduced, and you operate 24/7, on autopilot.

Traditional job roles such as Systems Administrators are being redefined to include DevOps duties. Being a DevOps requires knowing several skills, but the pay is rewarding.

The annual Salaries for DevOps in the US as reported by ZipRecruiter are between $91,995 - $125,436.

The CTE Advantage

At CTE, we hold you by the hand and help you learn the skills to become a Microservices Developer. Our unique advantages are:
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