Corporate Training

CTE can help you simplify the technology stack you may be working with. We can help improve the productivity of your team by equipping them with the right skillsets to get their job done. Our major areas of expertise are:
  • The AWS Cloud Platform
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Microservices application development with Python Flask Framework
  • DevOps Automation
Some of our standard curricula are below but we can also customize a curriculum to fit your team's need.
  • Docker and Kubernetes Fundamentals
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
  • Certified Kubernetes Developer (CKD)
  • Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist
  • AWS Architecture Design Associate
  • AWS Architecture Design Professional
  • AWS DevOps Professional
  • AWS Security Professional

The CTE Advantage

At CTE, we challenge your team and equip them with the rights skills. Our unique advantages are:
  • More hands-on labs less theory
  • Quizzes to help cement the learning
  • Experienced instructors/mentors to help you answer your technology and Career-related questions.
  • Learn at your own convenience but seek help when needed

Mode of Study

Your options to learn this course are:
  • Group Instructor-led Classes
  • Group signup for Self-paced Online Learning