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Kubernetes and Cloudnative
North Dallas Meetup

Cloud Technology Experts organizes a community meetup called The Kubernetes and Cloudnative North Dallas. The meetings are held every 3rd wednesday of the month, 6.30-8PM CST and completely free to attend. You can join either remotely, from anywhere in the world, or attend in person. Come gain insight into latest cloudnative technologies and network with people. You can register directly on the meetup website by clicking on the link below.

Kubernetes and Cloudnative meetup

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“After I started learning AWS Cloud with Cloud Technology Experts, I realized that I can do this. All my initial fears evaporated knowing that I'm in good hands.”

Susan Lee,

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“Dreams do come true if you are willing to pursue them. Am happy to undertake this course as I can now call myself a DevOps Engineer. CTE helped me with Job interviews and gave me all the support I needed. Thank you to CTE.”

James Lee,

Student @Cloud Technology Experts
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